What is certified translation

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What is certified translation

What is a certified translation and why do we need a professional translator or translation agency?

There are people living in Dubai and across UAE from about 200 counties. They speak read and write different languages. Most common examples of documents that require translation are birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical, drivers license or any document that is not originally in the language that it is required to be can be translated into a document in the required language and can be presented to the notary bodies as a legal document when signed by a professional translator or a translation agency.

The question is “what is a certified translation and what makes it different from an ordinary translation”. To sum it up, we can say that a certified translated document by a knowledgeable translator once stamped is a document that is fully complete and accurate and becomes a legal record.

Any document that can be used in formal procedures is a certified translated document as the translator or translation agency accepts full responsibility of its accuracy. Since these requirements are so complicated and vary from country to country, people tend to the translation agencies for a reliable certified document translation.

Why do we need certified translation. In legal paperwork such as documentation used in hearings or trials, certified translation is always necessary in the language accepted. For example, something as an evidence is to be presented, or a trial transcript, it needs to be translated and certified by a certified translator or translation agency. Or in some cases, application for immigration or for other legal matters, documents are translated and attested.

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