The Difference Between Translation Interpretation Services

The Difference Between Translation & Interpretation Services

To grow your business worldwide, your communication with your foreign client needs to be smooth and flawless and this goal will lead you to seek the help of translation and interpretation services but exactly which service? Let’s find out the answer by describing the differences but first have an idea about the service themselves.


This service is provided in real-time scenarios and the translation is done just after the speech or within the speech without having references or script but only with excellent experience, sharp memory, and quick response. An interpreter translates the context of the source language without changing the meaning and cultural values of the speech just by rephrasing colloquialism and idioms into the targeted language. Interpreters work in conferences, TV shows, Legal hearings, etc.


Translators work on the written file and convert the file in a source language into a targeted language by using the same approach as interpreters. A difference lies here is that in translations any automated tool can be used that translates the text using the data translated before in its database and fills the gap with its analyses. Once the document is ready, the translator proofread it and for further quality assurance hand it to some other editors. A translator can work with any written task of translation.

Translation vs Interpretation:

The main difference lies in their skill set and the channels, the translator translates the written things while the interpreter translates the spoken language from one language to another, both need to be bilingual and must have a thorough understanding of cultures along with a deep knowledge of a subject with the ability to communicate flawlessly and clarity. Hence the two terms are often used alternatively, you must have known about the difference to avail them. Urban Translation Services will help you to figure out this difference as we offer the best translation and interpretation services in Dubai

To tell which service to opt for your project these 5 major differences will help you as the difference lies under a large umbrella stick to these points to avoid confusion.


Translations deal with written text conversion from source to target language while interpretation with spoken language on the moment might be simultaneous or consecutive. So, be clear in your need and we will provide you with our best services.

Uni or Bidirectional Translations

Translation only translates unidirectional text, only from source to their target language (which is mostly their mother tongue) not vice versa. While interpreters must be fluent in both the languages as he/she will be communicating to both of his clients at the same time. 

Working scenarios

Working scenarios differ for both service providers. Translation takes place anywhere once the source file is decided, translators, can utilize given time until the deadline to produce good quality and accuracy even by using some computer-based tools. While on the other hand, interpretation takes place in real-time on the spot via the presence of an interpreter, on-call, or via video calling. So, keep in mind your working environment before calling for help.


Interpretation comes with low accuracy acquirement in translation as in live sessions or real-time cases there are chances of some minor mishaps to occur, some speech to be left translated, or the context might not deliver correctly as wanted. But translators come with an edge her to produce highly accurate text because he has a lot of time to proofread, edit, recheck his translation, he can also take help from latest technology which is not the case with interpreters. 

Intangible matters

The issue that the provider of both services copes with is the translation of slang, phrasal verbs, idioms, analogies, and metaphors. Here the translator is at the advantage of having enough time to accept this challenge, but an interpreter has more work to do. Along with these challenges an interpreter needs to convey intonation, the emotional values, and all the other elements of the speech so he/she needs to be a person with sharp reflexes to resonate into the targeted language.

If Still Confused, We will Still Help You

Every situation is indeed different, and you may need professional help to find out which service to hire. Here is the time for Urban Translation services to come into action.

Let’s suppose, you have a meeting, a conference, or a legal proceeding that needs both interpretation and some documents to be there translated. So, what will you do then? And the answer is to trigger the main purpose of the meeting and brainstorm if the focus is a textual contract between two parties, then no need to hire interpretation. If the focus of the meeting is a discussion on any serious topic and text is not much involved, then hire an interpreter.

Wrapping up:

Communication is a high caliber service either its translation or interpretation and at Urban Translation Services, we take your burden on our shoulders and intimidate them with just our words. So, reach out for help any time on any matter.

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