MOFA attestation Service in Dubai

MOFA attestation Service

Legalize your documents in UAE with MOFA attestation Dubai!

The experts at Uraban Translation help you with validating all your certificates and documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. Without MOFA attestation, you will not be eligible for legal use of your documents within the UAE. So all documents and certificates are first certified by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin, and the certification process includes all types of documents.

Urban Translation’s MOFA attestation service in Dubai, Why to choose?

We offer the best MOFA attestation Dubai. Our experts are aware of all the necessary certification procedures and documents required by the certification authorities.

  • 100% privacy guarantee
  • Ontime service guarantee
  • Professional in authenticating government documents

So visit Urban Translation MOFA attestation service in Dubai, and get all certified documents as quickly as possible.

MOFA attestation Service Procedures:

1- Registration: First step first registers yourself by giving all the required information.
2- Application Submission: To submit the application, attach a copy of the document with the choice of the party to be certified and according to the type of document to be ratified
3- Review of the application: The process of reviewing the application is carried out by the Uae Embassy, and if the conditions are met, the customer is sent approval to complete the payment process.
4- For MOFA attestation Dubai You have to pay some amount. After the completion of the payment process, your documents are ready to use in UAE.

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