How Can I Get Document Attested In UAE

Document Attestation is needed for a variety of reasons, ranging for some job application purpose, traveling purposes, higher education, or any other reason, etc. A lot of individuals, when moving to a different country, often have to go through a process to attest documents from that particular country’s authority to validate their documents.

What is Attestation?

Attestation is a process one has to go through to verify the authenticity of their documents for legal purposes. We require attestation of degrees, driving licenses, etc. These particular documents go through a process in which the documents are reviewed and assessed, which then gets them attested and are good to go.

There are a lot of companies offering document attestation services in Dubai for a certain amount of fees.

Why Do We Need Attestation?

In a world, where there is a lot of fake documentation and scams going on, the government of every country now requires documents to be attested by relevant authorities to ensure they are legal and authentic documents.

Every country has its procedure that is followed for this purpose. Sometimes it just a matter of one visit, other times it requires a series of steps that may take a week or more. Depending on the country, the process and timeframe to get the documents attested vary.

How to Get your Documents Attested in U.A.E?

Now that you know why you need attestation, you are probably wondering how do you get your documents attested in U.A.E? To answer your question we have mentioned the steps of getting your attestation done in U.A.E as follows;

  1. The first step for you is to visit the notary public courts in Dubai. For this, you need to bring in your original documents and supporting documents. A few documents would need to be translated in English and in Arabic language.
    For this translation purpose, you can get the service of any translation company, after getting that done, you would need to get the document stamped.

When you submit your documents to the notary public court, in the first round they will verify your documents, and in the other round, they will compare signatures and verify your documents again.

After verification purposes, you should be able to collect your documents for the notary. The fee for this process is 112 AED.

  1. The second step for you to do is to visit the ministry of justice. This is where you will get your notarized documents stamped. This is not such a long process compared to getting your documents notarized. It will only take a few minutes and most probably around 52 AED.
  2. The last step for you to follow is to visit the Ministry of Foreign affairs. In this step, there is one more stamp that is done to your documents and it will probably cost you around 150 AED.

While this is the process of document attestation in the U.A.E, there is also a process that you can complete before you enter into U.A.E. The process is fairly similar, and probably easier because in your own country it is easier to get things done. Given that you are familiar with places, people, and area.

In a scenario where you are getting your documents attested from your own country and then entering UAE, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Visit the ministry of foreign affairs in your own country, take your original documents and copy them with you and get them stamped from the authority to verify the authenticity of documents.
  2. The next step is to take the stamped documents to the UAE embassy in your country and get them verified and stamped by this authority.
  3. The last step is to be taken in the UAE, and submit the documents to the government authorities in the UAE.

The steps are easy; however, if you feel overwhelmed by them, you can always hire a company offering document attestation services in Dubai.

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