How Can I Get A UAE Driving License?

How Can I Get A UAE Driving License?

Getting a driving license in Dubai is no less than a monster seen at midnight. But wherever you go, we need to have a driving license of that country as it will take you far places in that country without having a doubt. Furthermore, it helps you to get a job in Dubai, or if you are not getting any job just go for a chauffeur service provider and you are all set for some time. 

Who Can Have The License?

You can get a driving license if you are aged 18 or above. The age for a light vehicle license is 18, for heavy vehicles is 20, and for busses is 21. Between the ages of 18 to 21 a license is given to you for that you give an application to Road and Traffic Authorities and then you are admitted to a driving school after completing the school lessons you will have a test and based on your test, you will be given the license that must be kept along whenever driving in Dubai.

The Procedure of Getting the License:

The step-by-step guide is given here for you to have a clear idea of How can you get a UAE driving license? First, lie under the legal age of having a license, then get your eyes examines by an optician or at your driving school. In addition, you will need to apply to RTA-approved driving school and fulfill all the documents they ask for you. Then perform well in the training they provide you. The training and documentation detail is given below read it carefully.

The Documents Required:

Documents required to file for driving are:

  • Copy of passport and visa
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • Eye examination report
  • Copy of Emirati ID card
  • A letter from the sponsor

The driving License Test:

After you get rolled in the training you will have to pass the following tests.

Theory Test:

The theory test is the initial and most important phase of getting the license. You can only root for the RTA test only when you clear the theory test held at your driving school and it is not an easy job to do. When you go for the theory test, they ask you for your Emirate ID card along with 2 photos, a driving file, and test fees. Then the test will begin, and they will ask you 35 questions to judge your understanding of traffic rules, signs and signals, and road safety measures. 35 questions are divided into 3 sections in the first one, 17 questions prompt out related to many traffic scenarios you must 11 of them. In the second round, 28 questions related to license specifics you must pass 12 to move forward. The third round is called risk recognition, you will be shown different videos of traffic incidents and the question will judge your esthetics to deal with those risks and situations. These questions are in either English or Arabic and if you don’t know both languages go for an oral test.

Practical Test:

Once you qualify for the written or theory test, you go far a practical test also known as the parking test. We suggest you practice hard in the yard of your driving school before hitting the real jackpot because once you failed the practical test times in a row, you must do a special internal assessment test. The test includes emergency brakes, slopes driving, garage parking, parallel driving and parking, and angle parking. 

Road Test:

This is the most important test that tests your nerves and the strength of your mind to handle driving incidents and situations. This is the actual test on the road where you prove to your examiner your worth of having that license. So, be mentally prepared before you go for it. And you will also need the same documents as in the theory test along with the road test fee.

Convert Your Existing License to Dubai:

To avoid the hassle and bustle of the whole procedure of getting a driving license, you can exchange your existing driving license for the UAE driving license. For that you must belong to the country enlisted by RTA then apply to convert driving license Dubaithis is comparatively an easy way to go by spending less money, doing no test, without any rush to offices, without the mental and physical fatigues. You just do your eye examination, go to the RTA office with the documents required and their fee. They take your application, verify the documents, and give you the license after taking your picture, all the procedure takes few hours.

In this article, we explained to you the procedure for getting a driving license in UAE. If you aspire to get one this whole story with help you in your progress. 

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