Documents Attestation Service in Dubai

Documents Attestation Service

Getting proper documents attestation is very important in Dubai. Whether you are trying to obtain a family visa, applying for a private or government job, issuing a new passport for a newborn child, or starting a new business, make sure that all documents and certificates are genuine. Documents attestation will lead you to have a very successful and hassle-free life in the UAE.

Commercial documents attestation

If you want to start your business in UAE then Commercial documents attestation is the most common type. Let’s see how it can help;

  • Establishing the branch of a foreign company.
  • Establishing a representative office of a foreign company.
  • Open a company within Dubai or in one of its free zones.


Personal documents attestation

Document Attestation is essential for you to use them in the UAE, whether to obtain visas or apply for a job. The personal documents include birth certificates, marriage documents, Educational documents and more.

University degree documents attestation

All your educational certificates must be accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. So all university certificates issued from outside the UAE, must be verified for legal use in the UAE.

Process of Documents attestation  

  • Create an account on the website of the Uae Ministry of Education.
  • Fill out the application electronically taking into account the accuracy of the information you enter.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Receive the transaction, check the documents and save the application in the electronic program.
  • Authenticating documents and reviewing the application by the e-employee.
  • Some documents need to contact the issuers in the country from which the certificate was issued and to review the UAE Embassy there.
  • Receiving the reply and sending it for accreditation from higher education institutions within the UAE.
  • Decision on certification, whether by ratification or rejection.
  • Complete the transaction and inform the electronic certification program.
  • Delivery of the transaction after the applicant or legal adviser has been certified.

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